GSoC coding period: The fourth week

This week work was to develop Branch Source part of the plugin. In Jenkins, -Branch-Source Plugins implement SCM API Plugin to support configuration of the SCM specific jobs. SCM stands for source control system. A SCM can be `Git`, `Subversion`, `CVS` etc. There are other plugins as well that will help us implement our GitLab Branch Source Plugin. Here's the list of dependencies plugins that contains extension points to be implemented in branch source plugins:

  1. SCM API Plugin - It contains a set of extension points such as SCMSource(Project), SCMNavigator(Group), SCMHead(Branch), SCMEventListener(Events like push, pulls) etc. to implement SCM related structures in Jenkins. They have very good documentation available here. They also have SCM traits that lets you configure your CI operations on SCM, you can see all the traits here.

  2. Branch API Plugin - It contains extension points to implement the branching structure of your source control system in Jenkins. SCM projects(or repositories) can have multiple branches. They can decide which branches needs to be continuously integrated. To allow such multiple branch configuration Branch API Plugin has extension points such as BranchBuildStrategy, BranchProjectFactory, BranchProperty and more. You can see the extension points here. They also a proper documentation available here.

  3. Git Plugin - There are multiple SCMs that are based on Git e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Gitea etc. So there is a lot of commonality that is implemented by Git Plugin which is then extended by SCM specific plugins. Used in GitLabSCMBuilder, GitLabBrowser etc. There is actually a lot of common codes between both Git Plugin and GitLab Branch Source Plugin.

The list of packages/classes/enums implemented this week it’s associated issues and takeaways:


  • getRemote() method builds the checkout url using uri templates.

  • In retrieve(head,listener) using a different version of getBranch(project, head.getName()) and not supplying username like gitea plugin. So .

  • Unable to get sha of gitlab mr head. No api call for that.

    ^ Fixed it by getting the head sha by mr.getDiffRef().getHeadSha().

  • Used enum for checking if mr is opened.

  • Check the path of project field. It has to be of the format {username}/{project name}.

  • In retrieve(criteria, observer, event, listener) method, there is a need to check if the project is forked from some other repository but that can be tested only if GitLabApi is authenticated. Without authentication all forked projects return null for the forkedFromProject field.

In Gitea:

if (request.isFetchPRs()) {
    if (giteaRepository.isMirror()) {
        listener.getLogger().format("%n  Ignoring pull requests as repository is a mirror...%n");
    } else {

A workaround:

if (request.isFetchMRs()) {
    // If not authenticated GitLabApi cannot detect if it is a fork
    // If `forkedFromProject` is null it doesn't mean anything
    if (gitlabProject.getForkedFromProject() == null) {
                .format("%n  Unable to detect if it is a mirror or not still fetching MRs anyway...%n");
    else {
        listener.getLogger().format("%n  Ignoring merge requests as project is a mirror...%n");
  • Extra check if PAT is supplied to GitLabApi
// To verify the supplied PAT is valid
if(!gitLabApi.getAuthToken().equals("")) {
  • Checking branch using uri template
listener.getLogger().format("%n Checking branch %s%n",
                        .set("branch", b.getName())
  • Origin project name will always the same as the source project name. Even if forked user changes the name of the project, for the api the name is always the same. So keeping originProject = project in merge request strategy(line ~305).
String originOwner = m.getAuthor().getUsername();
// Origin project name will always the same as the source project name
String originProject = project;
  • Skipped checking if the project and originProject are equal while creating a MergeRequestSCMHead. Since they are always equal.
if (request.process(new MergeRequestSCMHead(
        "MR-" + m.getIid() + (strategies.size() > 1 ? "-" +
                .toLowerCase(Locale.ENGLISH) : ""),
        new BranchSCMHead(m.getSourceBranch()),
                ? SCMHeadOrigin.DEFAULT
                : new SCMHeadOrigin.Fork(originOwner + "/" + originProject),
        m.getTargetBranch()), ...
  • While creating a new BranchSCMHead for the MR, using m.getTargetBranch() for target and m.getSourceBranch() for originName. (~315)

  • DiffRefs doesn’t populate for a list of MergeRequests, it is only fetched when called MR individually by id. So making extra api calls to fetch them individually after fetching a list:


for(final MergeRequest m : gitLabApi.getMergeRequestApi().getMergeRequests(project, Constants.MergeRequestState.OPENED)) {


List<MergeRequest> mrs = gitLabApi.getMergeRequestApi().getMergeRequests(project, Constants.MergeRequestState.OPENED);
for (MergeRequest mr : mrs) {
    // Since by default GitLab4j do not populate DiffRefs for a list of Merge Requests
    // It is required to get the individual diffRef using the Iid.
    final MergeRequest m = gitLabApi.getMergeRequestApi().getMergeRequest(project, mr.getIid());
  • Cannot call diffRefs on request since it will always return null.

  • What should be the urls for the icons in the DescriptorImpl?


The purpose is to build a GitSCM for GitLabSCMSource

  • Generating remoteUrl for the constructor using checkoutUriTemplate method.

  • RefSpec for MR is merge-requests.

  • checkoutUriTemplate method returns the checkout uritemplate (ssh or https/http). The uri template needs to variable to be populated. E.g.<owner>/<project>.git.

checkoutUriTemplate(null, source.getServerUrl(), null, null)
                        .set("owner", source.getRepoOwner())
                        .set("repository", source.getRepository())
  • build method sets the remote and head and revision based on refspec of either Merge Request or Branch


Represents a Merge Request in Jenkins. Merge requests are treated as branches with different properties.


Represents a Git Branch in Jenkins


Implemented my own GitLabBrowser instead of using the one defined in Git Plugin since I wanted use uri template and the implemented version methods were not required as I am only tragetting GitLab Server version 10.0.0 onwards.

  • Implements methods diffLink, getFileLink, getDiffLink, getChangeSetLink.

  • Modifed the set for diff method.


  • What work does it do?


Implements revision for Merge Requests, very similar to BranchSCMRevision.


Implements revision for branch.


It is a context of GitLabSCMSource required when using SCM Traits e.g. SSHCheckout etc.


Required by SCM Traits.

  • See how add the counterpart of GiteaConnection as a member variable. Using GitLabApi for now.

  • Add support for TAGs

WebHookRegistration - Enum

Contains different type of webhook registration in Jenkins.


To build file system of GitLab Project’s repository.

  • lastModified() returns the last activity in the project (maybe irrelevant if it tracks activities such as comment, issues etc). It returns a long.

  • BuilderImpl has methods supportsDescriptor(scmDescriptor) & supportsDescriptor(scmSourceDescriptor) which returns false. What these methods are required for?


To represents files, directories or links in Project’s repository.

  • Need to make children() method work. It returns an Iterable<SCMFile>.

  • Need to make lastModified() work as only know method in API is last activity.

  • In overrided method type() trying to get file, throws error is not file. So there is no point of checking if it is a file. Fixed by returning nonexistent type in the catch block.


It is a context of GitLabSCMNavigator required for SCM Traits.


  • In our plugin’s SCM API version localconfiguration is marked @NonNull earlier it was @CheckForNull.

  • Received GitLab enterprise account, will test the Group webhooks and Project webhooks.

  • GitLab API doesn’t support api calls on Group webhooks. See

// Since GitLab doesn't allow API calls on Group WebHooks. 
// So fetching a list of web hooks in individual projects inside the group
List<ProjectHook> projectHooks = new ArrayList<>();
for(Project p : gitLabGroup.getProjects()) {
  • When create webhook provide these functionality add secret token(see gitlab plugin), add more events give option for sslVerification

  • In register(owner, navigator, mode, credentialsId) method check if webhook on USER projects can be supported. For now returning if gitlabOwner is a USER.


  • Unable to fetch GitLab Owner (User or Group) in one member variable. So using an enum instead.
private GitLabOwner fetchOwner(GitLabApi gitLabApi) {
    try {
        Group group = gitLabApi.getGroupApi().getGroup(projectOwner);
        return GitLabOwner.GROUP;
    } catch (GitLabApiException e) {
        try {
            User user = gitLabApi.getUserApi().getUser(projectOwner);
            return GitLabOwner.USER;
        } catch (GitLabApiException e1) {
    return null;

Now moved fetchOwner(gitLabApi, projectOwner) to GitLabOwner enum.

  • In visitSource(observer) method, if projectOwner is a subgroup, it will only return projects in the subgroup and its subgroups. And if the projectOwner is a user, it will also return the projects in the groups and subgroups owned by user.

  • Find if there can be a better data structure for gitlabOwner

  • In visitSource(observer) method, using the following way to to skip user’s group owned projects

if(gitlabOwner == GitLabOwner.USER && p.getNamespace().getKind().equals("group")) {
    // skip the user repos which includes all organizations that they are a member of
  • In visitSource(observer) method, find if there can be an api call to check the project is empty. But now I am using a getTree method on the project and it throws error if the repository is empty.
try {
} catch (GitLabApiException e) {
    observer.getListener().getLogger().format("%n    Ignoring empty repository %s%n",
            HyperlinkNote.encodeTo(p.getWebUrl(), p.getName()));
  • Printing User website Url instead of Group website url. Since GitLab doesn’t have website for groups. But unfortunately this is not working our api. So API needs to be fixed.
if (gitlabOwner == GitLabOwner.USER) {
    String website = null;
    try {
        // This is a hack since getting a user via username finds user from a list of users
        // and list of users contain limited info about users which doesn't include website url
        User user = gitLabApi.getUserApi().getUser(projectOwner);
        website = gitLabApi.getUserApi().getUser(user.getId()).getWebsiteUrl();
    } catch (GitLabApiException e) {
    if (StringUtils.isBlank(website)) {
        listener.getLogger().println("User Website URL: unspecified");
        listener.getLogger().printf("User Website URL: %s%n",
                HyperlinkNote.encodeTo(website, StringUtils.defaultIfBlank(fullName, website)));
  • Modernize doFillServerUrlItems(context, serverUrl) jenkins permission checks. Need to be checked elsewhere as well.

  • setTraits(List) clashing with the parent class. Can you override a @DataboundSetter method? Fixed it by using GitHub BS Impl.

public void setTraits(@CheckForNull SCMTrait[] traits) {
    this.traits = new ArrayList<>();
    if (traits != null) {
        for (SCMTrait trait : traits) {
public void setTraits(@CheckForNull List<SCMTrait<? extends SCMTrait<?>>> traits) {
    this.traits = traits != null ? new ArrayList<>(traits) : new ArrayList<SCMTrait<? extends SCMTrait<?>>>();



Required for building GitLabSCMSource for GitLabSCMSourceNavigator.

helpers - package

Contains classes that do not contribute directly to the plugin.

GitLabOwner enum

Contains types of GitLab owner i.e. USER or GROUP.

  • Added fetchOwner(gitLabApi, projectOwner) as a static method.


Creating avatar of GitLab in Jenkins.


Builds Avatar url and creates a cache of the entries.


SCM API trait to define branch properites.


SCM API trait to define Merge Request (from Origin Project) properites.


SCM API trait to define Merge Request (from Forked Project) properites.


SCM API trait to allow checking out repository over SSH.


Notifies GitLab about the status of the build.


Defines an event when a Merge Request is created in GitLab.


Defines an event when a push is made in GitLab.


Defines commmon events methods for the above 2 events.

Present State

The present state of the GitLab branch source is very unstable. Although the basic functions such as indexing, building is working. But secondary functions like avatar is broken. Folder organisation is also broken. One of the important thing that was missing in GitLab Plugin was that it was unable to detect merge requests, now we are able to detect and build merge requests from GitLab.